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I would like to welcome you to our Carolina Dove Club website. Herein you will find information on our fields, our rules, testimonial letters from our members, and what you can expect from our quality dove shoots. You'll see actual photos of the fields, learn the locations, and the times of the shoots, guests policies and how you can participate if you like.

Now you can relax and enjoy a quality shoot, unequaled outside Argentina or Mexico. You'll enjoy great fellowship and you'll know the fields have been checked by game wardens to make sure they are legal.

We prepare the fields with the most up to date biological information available to attract the most doves and hold them, and we prepare them specifically for doves. Our fields are not a byproduct of farming, they are dove fields. They are harvested in a timely basis so to hold the most doves possible. All grain is left in the fields for the doves.

For this year, our goal is to provide six good shoots, but if the doves are there , we will have as many as we possibly can. It all depends on the doves; if they are there we will shoot them! We will go as far to say, "If anybody has doves, we will". We work to get them and have the best shoot possible for our members and their guests. We may shoot second and third sessions on opening day.

If you are interested in becoming a member and need more information, you may phone me at (803) 221-2508. I look forward to a lot of great shoots with you this year.

Richard Miller

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