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  Membership Application

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I want to be a member of the CAROLINA DOVE CLUB:

 Membership(s) - $850

 Opening Day Guest Spot(s) - $350

 Same Stand Guest Spot(s) - $250


Make your check payable to Jerry Allen and send your application on clean, white paper via US Mail, please include your Full Name, Address, Phone number, and Email Address, and send it to the address below.

Mail to:
Jerry Allen
Carolina Dove Club
1884 Hwy 23 W
Edgefield, SC 29824

Carolina Dove Club Sponsors:
Platt Moore
Sean Derrick
Teddy Vuelta
Syd McIntyre
Jim Coates
Eric McCurry
Wayne Haselden
Paul Bennett
Jody Self
Joe Poole
Steve Wenstrom
Mark Williams
Randy Cannon
Brian Graves
Carter Jay
Neil Suber
Larry Robinson
Mark Alison
Breck Brigham
Scott Lewis
Jerry Sellers
Stanley Smith

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