I would like to welcome you to our Carolina Dove Club website. Herein you will find information on our fields, our rules, testimonial letters from our members, and what you can expect from our quality dove shoots. You'll see actual photos of the fields, learn the locations, and the times of the shoots, guests policies and how you can participate if you like.

Now you can relax and enjoy a quality shoot, unequaled outside Argentina or Mexico. You'll enjoy great fellowship and you'll know the fields have been checked by game wardens to make sure they are legal.

We prepare the fields with the most up to date biological information available to attract the most doves and hold them, and we prepare them specifically for doves. Our fields are not a byproduct of farming, they are dove fields. They are harvested in a timely basis so to hold the most doves possible. All grain is left in the fields for the doves.

We plant sunflowers, corn, wheat, millet, and sorghum to hold doves for all three seasons, and boy, do we have doves.

For this year, we have several fields planted and we guarantee at least 10 shoots , same guaranteed number as last year, but if the doves are there , we will have as many as we possibly can. It all depends on the doves; if they are there we will shoot them! We will go as far to say, "If anybody has doves, we will". We work to get them and have the best shoot possible for our members and their guests.

We have a strict guest policy. If you want to bring one child, the guest fee is free if the child is under 12 and $50 if the child is 12 to 16 and shoots. They must hunt on the same stand as you. You can't shoot the child's limit for them if they don;t shoot it. If you want to bring an adult to hunt on your stand with you, the guest fee is $100. If you bring a guest to shoot an entirely different stand, the guest fee is $150 except during opening week when the guest fee is $175.


If you are interested in becoming a member and need more information, you may phone me at home, (803)637-5877 or on my cell phone at (803)480-1453. I look forward to a lot of great shoots with you this year.

Jerry Allen


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Membership Benefits & Fees


  • BBQ at specific hunts

  • 50 member roster

  • Guest passes available

  • Water readily available

  • We rotate numbered shooting stands every hour

  • Safety enforcement

  • We had 18 dove hunts last year

  • Hunting all three seasons if doves are there

  • Mostly Saturday shoots

  • Sunflower, millet, corn, wheat, grain sorghum

  • Several fields to choose from

  • Decal, Membership Card, Membership Badge, License Plate

  • Club news updates

  • Blinds are set in place for the hunters, most have shade - trees and shrubs have been planted in many areas for blinds

  • Hunters are taken to their stand by tractor and wagon

Membership fee - $900.00
Adult Guest fee - $175 Opening Week, $100 for rest of season
Child Guest fee (12 - 16) $50
Guest Fee (separate stand) - $150
Opening Day Guest fee - $175


Here are some photos of our fields.  They are among the finest available in the Southeast.

The variety of grains, and plants helps to hold doves in our fields for all three seasons.
The Carolina Dove Club fields were host to the 2001 & 2002 Dove Sportsman's Society/REALTREE Celebrity dove shoots!

This is the late actor Lane Smith in the field at Carolina Dove Club.  Mr. Smith has appeared on TV's Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman as Daily Planet Editor, Perry White, and on the silver screen opposite Eddie Murphy in Distinguished Gentleman.

Actress Anne Lockhart at the Carolina Dove club.  She has had numerous television and movie appearances.  She played the role of "Sheba" in the TV series Battlestar Gallactica


Testimonials From
Carolina Dove Club Members:

Dear Jerry,

The Carolina Dove Club is the finest club it has been my pleasure to be a member of and it is the best dove club in the southeast as far as I am concerned-and I’ve belonged to many others.

The club is well managed and has numerous different fields that attract a high concentration of doves. The fields are expertly prepared, providing excellent feeding conditions for the birds. Game wardens inspect the fields before each hunt to insure the fields are legal. This means a lot of peace of mind to my guests and me.

Shooting opportunities are so numerous that everyone has an equal chance to get a limit. Two or more hunts are conducted most weeks during season as the doves concentrate and the club hunts all three seasons. I feel it is the best money I’ve ever spent for a great hunt and a great time of fellowship.

The members are very friendly and courteous especially to new members and guests. They promptly leave the field after reaching a limit allowing other hunters to move to their stand. Members readily aid adjacent hunters in finding downed doves. Safety is emphasized and no hunters have shot at low birds. The barbecue dinners before or after the hunts are tasty and allow for good fellowship.

                Larry Robinson

                Wildlife and Fish Consultant
                USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service Biologist (Ret.)
                Carolina Dove Club Member
                Columbia, SC


Dear Jerry

I would like to thank you for the best dove season I've ever experienced or can remember. I would like to offer my testimonial letter to any prospective member for the Dove club.

If a wingshooter likes to shoot doves, this is the club to be in. We had good shoots every week of the season, all three seasons . I've been in clubs that cost twice as much that don’t have half the hunts or the birds you do in the Carolina Dove Club.

The fellowship is great, the rules are fair and the food supply for the doves is the very best that i have ever been witness to. The fields are dressed up for each shoot and i especially like the way you rotate stands every hour, it gives everyone a chance at the hot spots on the field.

The BBQ at the hunt is great and i like the idea of an end of the season banquet so we can all get together for fun and reliving the hunts. The fellowship and friendships I've made are of the highest quality.

I especially like the dummy power lines you have erected, i believe they really help a dove field. If I were talking to a prospective member, all I would say is" if you want to belong to a Quality, first class dove club with lots of great shoots then join as fast as you can, it's great"


                Billy Todd
                Surveyor and Carolina Dove Club Member
                Augusta, GA




Dear Jerry,

Thank you for establishing the Carolina Dove Club and for all of your work in making it such a successful season.  I just added up my harvest and it came to 124.  Your knowledge in field management must be unrivaled.  The barbecues were and added bonus providing great fellowship.  However, I think the greatest reward was taking my 12 year old grandson and having him see what a real dove shoot is all about. 

I'm looking forward to next year and thanks again. 

                Frank Feltham
Carolina Dove Club Member
                Edgefield, SC



Dear Jerry,

All I can say is ''WOW, WHAT A DOVE SEASON'' and what a club you have formed. I am proud to have been a part of the founding of the Carolina Dove Club. I have been in a lot of clubs , but this is by far the best yet.. Of the 18 shoots you have had, i have attended most, and have gotten my limit on all but one, and that was not because the doves were not there. I really enjoy being able to work my dog , Holley. It gives her and me a chance to enjoy the outdoors together in a way that I cant find anywhere else. The fields are the finest anywhere and the shooting the greatest I've seen since the good ole days when we could put out wheat to attract the game. Your manicured sunflowers, millet, wheat, and corn fields are perfectly harvested at just the right time to attract the doves. I feel comfortable with the shoots since you have wardens check the fields before each shoot to make sure we are completely legal, and that's something i didn't feel comfortable with in other clubs I have belonged to. "I highly recommend Carolina Dove Club to all my friends and to anyone serious about wing shooting."

                Charlie Warren
                President, Warren Home Improvement and Carolina Dove Club Member
                Augusta, GA





Dear Jerry,

I wanted to thank you for all the hard work and diligence of you and those of your organization during this dove season. It paid off. I have been a member of many clubs in the past, and shot on countless fields in the area, but shooting in the Carolina Dove Club this season made it the best dove season that I have ever had. We had an amazing 18 shoots this season and I limited out 75% of the time. Anyone who has seen me shoot will vouch for the fact that I am not a great shot and the credit should go to your hard work and extensive knowledge of wildlife and food plot preparation. One would be lucky to get five total shoots at most clubs in the area, and only three of them would be worth going to, but every Saturday, through three seasons, our fields were the ones with the birds.

The Carolina Dove Club clearly has the birds, but we also have one of the most ethical, and personable group of hunters I have ever seen on a field. The doves are why we hunt, but the people we meet and fellowship with make the experience that much better.

I was glad to be a part of the Carolina Dove Club inaugural year, and I will be the first to sign up for next year's season. I know that it will be as good as the first.


Happy Hunting,

                Todd Folley
                Carolina Dove Club Member






Dear Jerry,

First, let me say that no one works harder for his club members than the founder of the Carolina Dove Club, Jerry Allen. Having put on a number of dove shoots myself, I understand the hard work and dedication it takes to put on a great shoot. While you can never guarantee birds, I can guarantee that Jerry and other members of the club have put in countless hours of dedicated hard work and scouting to make sure that the fields we shoot are adequately prepared and every hunt is professionally choreographed.

The second attribute of the Carolina Dove Club that makes it so enjoyable is the quality of people. While the membership encompasses people from very diverse backgrounds and professions, we all have one common goal-to enjoy the fellowship of a productive and safe hunt. Everyone shows a tremendous amount of respect for gamesmanship and conservation.

Probably the best part of the Carolina Dove Club is the quality and quantity of the hunts. This is a club for dove-a-holics. We had over 17 shoots and almost all of them were very productive. We had some absolutely barn-burning hunts this year. Without a doubt, your membership in the Carolina Dove Club will put you in position to do some of the best dove hunting north of Argentina and east of Mexico.

The final characteristic that makes the Carolina Dove Club the premier dove hunting club in the Southeast is that it is professionally organized. Jerry is very meticulous in the details of organizing the hunts. He is quick to distribute information and does an outstanding job of deciding where to put stands, determining who goes where, and wastes no time getting the members to the stands.

Think about it. Who could possibly be more adept at putting together a premier dove hunting club than the man who founded two of the world’s finest wildlife conservation groups-Quail Unlimited and the Dove Sportsman’s Society? The answer is no one. Jerry is the best and I am proud to be a member of his Carolina Dove Club.



Michael Brown

Member of the Carolina Dove Club

Carolina Dove Club Rules:

  1. NO DRINKING until after the hunt.
  2. Unsafe gun handling will not be tolerated. Violators will be asked to case their guns.
  3. No bird shall be shot at below 45 degrees of the horizon. (Use common sense.)
  4. Kids and dogs must be supervised at all times.
  5. Game laws must be obeyed. Over the limit, automatic expulsion from club.
  6. The hunt master has final authority in all matters; field marshals will police the field.
  7. One guest may hunt from your stand for a fee of $50(Adult) or $20(Child under 16). Under 12 is free.
  8. Limit of three boxes of shells per hunter. (No exceptions.)
  9. All trash and litter must be taken from the field or the responsible member will be billed for clean up. You are responsible for picking up your own spent hulls.
  10. Dogs must be under control or leashed so as not to create an unsatisfactory situation in the field.
  11. Most hunts begin at 2:00 p.m. and end at 5:00 to 5:30 p.m., unless posted.
  12. Members must have their member cards visible.
  13. Positions will be rotated forward three positions on the field every hour, so that everyone will have an opportunity at the hot spots. ( Listen for the horn.)
  14. The drawing for shooting stands will be at 1:30. Shoots begin at approximately 2:00 p.m.
  15. Unoccupied stands may be filled with guests. First season guest fee is $100; opening day guest fee is $150. Second and third season guest fee is $50.
  16. Eye protection is required.
  17. Each shooter must sign a release of responsibility (MS Word format 28k) before shooting.
  18. If we have a barbecue or cookout, other than on opening day, members will be expected to chip in to cover expenses.
  19. You may not send a friend to shoot in your place. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  20. 4 wheelers are ok, if hidden out of the field and camoflaged.
  21. If a guest shoots over the limit, he is banned from shooting again.
  22. Members not rejoining pay a guest fee of $200 the first year. After the first year, fees return to normal.
  23. Appeals to the board must be made in writing within 10 days.

Directions to Carolina Dove Club from Augusta, GA:

Take Hwy 25 for approximately 15 miles to the intersection of Hwy 19 and Hwy 25. Go straight through the intersection. Billy’s Superstore is on the left. Go 200 yards to Woodyard Road. Travel for approximately three miles to Shaw’s Creek Church on the right. One of the dove fields is immediately before the church. We will meet at the clubhouse across from the church.

Be at the clubhouse by 1:30 p.m. for stand drawings. Shoots will begin at approximately 2:00 p.m. and end by 5:30 p.m.

If you have problems, please phone my cell phone at (803) 480-1453. See you there!